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Homefires (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Wolfgang Deimel NOTES: Performed live in Upper Darby, 1992-03-24 CHORDS: F9:xx3213 C:x32013 G:320003 Em:022000 Bm:x24432 Am:x02210 D:xx0232 INTRO: G F9 C G F9 C G I'm not the same man I was a while ago F9 C G I've learned some new things, I hope that it shows Em Bm Am D I'm free to give my love, but you're not the one I'm thinking of Am D So for me, the wheels are turning, Am D F9 G gotta keep the homefires burning I walk these borders in search of a line Between young lovers who live separate lives How long can this go on? I can hear another song Late at night when I've been drinking, substitute comes at me blinking