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Hitchhiker (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Harlan Leslie Thompson, Roel van Dijk, Abby Knobler & Fredrik Johansson CHORDS: Em:022000 G:320003 D:xx0232 C:x32010 Em When I was a hitchhiker on the road I had to count on you G D Em But you needed me to ease the load and for conversation too D C Em Or did you just pass on through You didn't see me in Toronto when I first tried out some hash Smoked trough a pin and I'd do it again but I didn't have the cash I didn't have the cash Then I tried amphetamines and my head was in a glass Taped underneath the speedometer wires of my '48 Buick's dash But I knew that wouldn't last CHORUS #1: C G C G Then came California, where I first saw open water C Em D Em In the land of opportunity, I knew I was getting hotter D C I knew I was getting hotter But the neon lights and the endless nights Fame took me by surprise The doctor gave me valium but I still couldn't close my eyes I still couldn't close my eyes CHORUS #2: Then came paranoia and it ran away with me I would not sign my autograph or appear on TV Or see or be seen Living in the country looked good to me Smoking grass while the summer past in the real organic scene Where everything was green Then we had a kid and we split apart I was living on the road And a little cocaine went a long long way to ease that different load And my head did explode, my head did explode CHORUS #3: I thought I was an Aztec or a runner in Peru I could build such beautiful buildings to house the chosen few Like an Inca from Peru Now many years have come and gone, like friends and enemies I tried to leave my past behind, but it's catching up with me, it's catching up with me I don't know how I'm standing here, livin' in my life I'm thankful for my children And my faithful wife