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SUBMITTED BY: Fredrik Johansson NOTES: Performed live in Costa Mesa, 1984-10-24 CHORDS:
E Last night there was an ill wind A E blowing through my hair C#m That froze me in my blue jeans. F#m A I couldn't find a light E I know that something's coming A E I can feel it in my bones A E Thank God for these old country boys, B E I ain't out here alone. A E B E My friends all tell me I got daggers in my eyes There's an anger in my heart That they don't realize I'm mad as hell at something That I don't understand Thank God I'm on the road tonight With this old hillbilly band. CHORUS: A Thank God I'm on the road tonight E With this old hillbilly band. We may not be good looking B But we sure get outta hand A Was that The Devil's stagecoach E A Flying over the Rio Grande? E Thank God I'm on the road tonight B E With this old hillbilly band. A E B E I swear that The Devil Came visiting me last night Surrounded my old stagecoach With his eerie light He was pounding on my windows Rattling my wheels I may not be The Devil But I know just how he feels. CHORUS A E B E