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Fucking Up (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Roel van Dijk CHORDS: D:000560 Am7:x0555x Am7(2):x02010 Cadd9:x32010 F:330010 G:550010 D(10):00CBA0 C(8):00A980 Bb(6):008760 RIFF: D ------------------------------ B --(3)----(3)----(3)-------3--- G ---2------2------2--------2--- D ---0------0------0------0-0--- A ---0h3~~~-0h3~~~-0h3~~~-3----- D -0---------------------------- INTRO: RIFF (x4) D Am7 Mindless drifter on the road C F G (Why do I) D Am7 Carry such an easy load C F G (Why do I) D Am7 It's how you look, and how you feel C F G (Why do I) D Am7 You must have a heart of steel C F G (Why do I) D Am7 Am7(2) C Why do I keep fuckin' up? RIFF (x4) I can see you on a hill Comatose but walking still Curves beneath your flowing gown Only I could bring you down Why do I keep fuckin' up? RIFF (x4) INTERLUDE: (x2) D(10) C(8) Bb(6) C(8) RIFF (x4) Dogs that lick and dogs that bite Hounds that howl through the night Broken leashes are all over the floor Keys left hanging in a swinging door Why do I keep fuckin' up? Keep fuckin' up!