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A Man Needs A Maid



Bb F C G Bb Dm Dm C My life is changin' in so many ways Bb F I don't know who to trust anymore Dm C There's a shadow runnin' through my days Bb Dm Like a beggar goin' from door to door Dm C I was thinkin' that maybe I'd get a maid Bb F Find a place nearby for her to stay Dm Am7 Just someone to keep my house clean Bb Dm Fix my meals and go away Dm C Bb Dm G F Em A ma a a aid a man needs a maid Dm C Bb Dm A ma a a aid |Em |Em7 |F | C|Em |Em7 |F |Csus C Am G F Em7 Dm7 It's hard to make that change Am G F Em7 Dm7 When life and love turn strange D Bb F And col o o old C G To give a love Bb F You gotta live a love C G To live a love Bb F You gotta be part of C G Bb Dm When will I see you again Dm C A while ago somewhere I don't know when Bb F I was watchin' a movie with a friend Dm Am7 I fell in love with the actress Bb Dm She was playin' a part that I could understand Dm C Bb Dm7 G F Em A ma a a aid a man needs a maid Dm C Bb Gm A ma a a aid a man needs a maid Dm Em Em7 C G Bb Dm