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Evening Coconut (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Wolfgang Deimel NOTES: Performed live in Springfield, 1976-06-27 CHORDS: A:x02220 Asus2:x02200 D9:xx0210 E:022100 D:xx0232 Amaj7:x03230 F#m:244222 Bm:x24432 INTRO: A / Asus2 D9 E A D E Amaj7 F#m The Statue of Liberty is breathing in the air D E A [A / Asus2] While Atlantis is waiting down below D E Amaj7 F#m Late at night flashing lights are sighted in the air Bm D A It's no secret, what everybody knows It really don't matter much which way I go The silver wings or a crown of thorns Call it if you want it, it's the only way to go But remember to pull over in the storm Have you seen the evening coconut Bobbing on the bay Standing on the water's edge of stone Someone there beside you to hear the words you have to say To show you things your eyes have never known