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Already One (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Ron Starrett CHORDS: D6:xx0202 D:xx0232 Dmaj7:xx0222 A7:x02020 Em7:022030 Cmaj7:x32000 G:320003 Gmaj7:320002 INTRO: D Dmaj7 D6 A7 (x2) D Dmaj7 Em7 Cmaj7 What can I do ___ what can I say____ runnin' down_____ A7 D Dmaj7 D6 A7 this suspicious highway? D Dmaj7 Em7 I can't forget___ how___ love let me down__ Cmaj7 A7 D Dmaj7 and when we meet__ it still gets in my way.__ D6 A7 But we're CHORUS: D Dmaj7 G Gmaj7 A7 Already one, already one, now only time can come G A7 D Dmaj7 between us, cause we're already one G Gmaj7 A7 Our little son__ won't let us forget.____ D Dmaj7 D9 D Dmaj7 D6 A7 D Dmaj7 D6 A7 ADDITIONAL LYRICS: Your laughing eyes, your crazy smile, Every time I look in his face. I can't believe how love lasts awhile And it looks like forever in the first place. CHORUS In my new life, I'm traveling light, Eyes wide open for the next move. I can't go wrong till I get right, But I'm not falling back in the same groove. CHORUS