Lyrics and chords to all the songs of Neil Young, as a collective effort by the fantastic Rust community. Compiled & managed by: Fredrik Johansson. Powered by Rust, sponsored by Nobody!

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Buffalo Springfield Box Set
02. Come On (Stills)
03. Hello, I've Returned (Stills)
04. Out Of My Mind
07. Baby Don't Scold Me (Stills)
08. Neighbor Don't You Worry (Stills)
09. We'll See (Stills)
10. Sad Memory (Furay)
11. Can't Keep Me Down (Furay)
13. Go And Say Goodbye (Stills)
14. Sit Down I Think I Love You (Stills)
15. Leave (Stills)
16. Hot Dusty Roads (Stills)
17. Everybody's Wrong (Stills)
18. Burned
20. Out Of My Mind
21. Pay The Price (Stills)
24. Neighbor Don't You Worry (Stills)
02. Kahuna Sunset (lyrics)
03. Buffalo Stomp (Raga) (lyrics)
04. Baby Don't Scold Me (Stills)
05. For What It's Worth (Stills)
06. Mr Soul
07. We'll See (Stills)
08. My Kind Of Love (Furay)
09. Pretty Girl Why (Stills)
10. Words I Must Say (Furay)
11. Nobody's Fool (Furay)
12. So You've Got A Lover (Stills)
13. My Angel (Stills)
14. No Sun Today (Eisner)
15. Everydays (Stills)
17. Bluebird (Stills)
19. Hung Upside Down (Stills)
20. A Child's Claim To Fame (Furay)
21. Rock & Roll Woman (Stills)
01. Hung Upside Down (Stills)
02. Good Time Boy (Furay)
03. One More Sign
07. Broken Arrow
08. Sad Memory (Furay)
09. On The Way Home
11. Special Care (Stills)
13. What A Day (Furay)
14. I Am A Child
15. Questions (Stills)
16. Merry-Go-Round (Furay)
17. Uno Mundo (Stills)
18. Kind Woman (Furay)
20. Four Days Gone (Stills)
01. For What It's Worth (Stills)
02. Go And Say Goodbye (Stills)
03. Sit Down I Think I Love You (Stills)
05. Hot Dusty Roads (Stills)
06. Everybody's Wrong (Stills)
08. Burned
10. Leave (Stills)
11. Out Of My Mind
12. Pay The Price (Stills)
13. Baby Don't Scold Me (Stills)
14. Mr Soul
15. A Child's Claim To Fame (Furay)
16. Everydays (Stills)
18. Bluebird (Stills)
19. Hung Upside Down (Stills)
20. Sad Memory (Stills)
21. Good Time Boy (Furay)
22. Rock & Roll Woman (Stills)
23. Broken Arrow