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01. For What It's Worth (Stills)
02. Sit Down, I Think I Love You (Stills)
03. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
04. Go And Say Goodbye (Stills)
05. Pay The Price (Stills)
06. Burned
07. Out Of My Mind
08. Mr Soul
09. Bluebird (Stills)
10. Broken Arrow
11. Rock & Roll Woman (Stills)
12. Expecting To Fly
13. Hung Upside Down (Stills)
14. A Child's Claim To Fame (Furay)
15. Kind Woman (Furay)
16. On The Way Home
17. I Am A Child
18. Pretty Girl Why (Stills)
19. Special Care (Stills)
20. Uno Mundo (Stills)
21. In The Hour Of Not Quite Rain (Furay)
22. Four Days Gone (Stills)
23. Questions (Stills)